By offering a full service approach to tenant representation.
  • Retail Is In The Detail…And The Data

    Being in the information business, our philosophy is that you can never have too much data. We live, breathe and dream of running demo reports, analyzing markets, forecasting performance with analog models and mapping all sorts of variables based upon each of our clients’ unique success parameters. By providing an accurate portrait of the targeted landscape, our analysis team constructs the platform that enables sound business decisions to be made.

    Demographic & Market Analysis
    Consumer Behavior Assessment
    Heat & Dot Density Mapping
    Competitive Analysis
    Trade Area Delineation
    Customer Mapping
    Site Scoring Matrix
    Analog Modeling
    Sales Cannibalization Evaluation
    Customized Mapping
  • We Are Here To Serve You

    We promise! Our personal approach and passion for negotiation means that we are determined to secure our clients the best possible terms. Relationships make this business, which is why our brokers will not only provide you with unparalleled expansion service but will also thoroughly integrate into your models. We are committed to your success and will act as brand ambassadors to maximize market potential.

    Strategic Planning
    Market Analysis
    Site Assessment + Identification
    Creative Site Solutions
    Financial Evaluation
    Deal Negotiation
    Brand Integration
    Site Disposition
  • Don’t Beat The System, Join The System

    After all, the system is proven and works. We whole-heartedly believe this, so much so that we established The Franchise Connection, a company dedicated to informing, facilitating and streamlining the franchising process. Acting as a resource for franchisees, franchisors, suppliers, city organizations and real estate firms, The Franchise Connection seeks to unite interested parties and develop sustainable economic growth.

    System Education
    New Concept Research
    Franchise Assessment
    Individual Assessment
    Retail Saturation Analysis
    Financial Evaluation
    Territory Delineation
    Relationship Facilitation
  • Go Ahead, Judge The Book By Its Cover

    First impressions really do matter, whether it’s the introduction of a new retail concept to a landlord, an established company making its debut into a new trade area or an invigorated brand seeking to reconnect with consumers. Our team of strategists, designers and marketing experts ensure that our clients always stand out, attract the right attention and remain top of mind.

    Market Strategy
    Look Books + Brand Overviews
    Digital Media
    Public Relations
    Social Media
    Promotional Support



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