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    Marketing Branding Services for Urban Wine + Liquor
    Branding Services
    logo design, copywriting, brand packages and print media
    Urban Wine + Liquor
    When building Urban Wine & Liquor – a high-end liquor store located right in the heart of downtown Austin – the owners engaged The Retail Strategy’s marketing team to create a unique and memorable identity. In order to convey the upscale selection, The Retail Strategy designed a modern logo whose curving yet sturdy font evokes the essence of pouring your favorite beverage into a nice, tall glass.
    Marketing Brand Services for Hancock Fabrics
    Branding Services
    logo design, brand packages and print media
    Hancock Fabrics
    Having worked with Hancock Fabrics on the real estate transaction side for quite some time, The Retail Strategy was brought on to revitalize Hancock Fabrics logo design and brand packaging. Showcasing Hancock Fabrics revitalized store prototype and branding, this real estate overview package has helped land Hancock Fabrics in higher-class shopping centers and improve their image within the commercial real estate industry.
    Marketing Branding Services for Nothing Bundt Cakes
    Branding Services
    copywriting, brand packages and print media
    Nothing Bundt Cakes
    The designers at The Retail Strategy kept baking as the focus when designing Nothing Bundt Cake’s real estate overview book with the copy providing a cute introduction for franchisees unfamiliar with the process. This brand package has been instrumental in guiding expectations and providing realistic timelines for to the Nothing Bundt Cakes teams as new bakeries rollout by the dozen!
    Marketing Branding Services for Bradley Construction Group
    Branding Services
    brand packages and print media
    Bradley Construction Group
    Looking to rejuvenate the Bradley Construction Group brand, the Principal and Vice President of Business Development turned to The Retail Strategy to update their identity and develop a new look-and-feel for their print media. The result is polished packaging that emphasizes Bradley Construction Group’s glamorous, high-end interior finish outs and custom woodwork. To cap off the effort, The Retail Strategy translated this re-energized branding to various outlets, such as PowerPoint templates, brochures and customizable portfolio packages.

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    Marketing Digital Design for Nothing Bundt Cakes
    Digital Design
    Nothing Bundt Cakes
    Tasked with creating an e-book and checklist to educate in-coming franchisees on the real estate process, The Retail Strategy delivered an easy-to-use step-by-step guide for Nothing Bundt Cakes. These tools have become an invaluable asset to the on boarding process and have streamlined the real estate process for innumerable teams.
    Marketing Digital Design for Urban Wine + Liquor
    Digital Design
    website design
    Urban Wine + Liquor
    When the brains behind Urban Wine + Liquor came to The Retail Strategy to help them develop their website, the marketing team leapt at the change! The website’s aesthetic reflects Urban Wine + Liquor’s modern identity and unique spin on the traditional downtown wine and liquor store – creating a friendly space where knowledge is shared and tastes are refined.

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    Market Research

    Marketing Campaign for Hancock Fabrics
    Marketing Campaign
    planning, production and advertising
    Hancock Fabrics
    The Retail Strategy was engaged to promote Hancock Fabrics’ new store openings via a completely redesigned billboard advertisement. Capturing the essence of Hancock Fabrics re-brand, The Retail Strategy created a two-part billboard campaign that highlights the cross-generational pull of craft making and its modern uptake.
    Marketing Campaign for Urban Wine + Liquor
    Marketing Campaign
    market research, planning, production and advertising
    Urban Wine + Liquor
    Citing the firm’s knowledge of the Austin market and expertise in the retail industry, Urban Wine + Liquor engaged The Retail Strategy to create a memorable, lasting impression that would resonate with the residents of The Austonian. The comprehensive effort included market research, planning, production and advertising.
    Marketing Campaign for Panda Express
    Marketing Campaign
    Panda Express
    With over 30 years in the restaurant industry, Panda Express is by now, a household name when it comes to Chinese food. However, The Retail Strategy was brought on to create advertising materials for a new market that needed a bit more attention in terms of pre-roll out planning. The end result was a strong opening – comparable to equivalent markets – and impressive first week sales.
    Marketing Campaign for Nothing Bundt Cakes
    Marketing Campaign
    market research and planning
    Nothing Bundt Cakes
    Nothing Bundt Cakes hired The Retail Strategy’s analytics and marketing teams to assess and streamline bakery marketing efforts including direct mailing, local publications, digital marketing and an online bakery locator. The result has been an increase in marketing efficiency and a unified approach for all third parties involved.

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    Content Creation
    Content Seeding

    Marketing Social Media for Urban Wine + Liquor
    Social Media
    strategy and content seeding
    Urban Wine + Liquor
    When Urban Wine + Liquor set out to become the first downtown wine and liquor store in the heart of the capitol, they were determined to elevate their quality and customer care above standard expectations. The goal was to offer the kind of knowledge and expertise you can’t find in the typical wine and liquor store. The Retail Strategy was hired to promote the new business and get locals excited about having an independent merchant at their doorstep.
    Marketing Social Media for Pinkberry
    Social Media
    content seeding
    While Pinkberry is known for its delicious flavors and yummy combinations, it never hurts to assist our local franchisees with their marketing efforts. To help spread the word of Pinkberry’s newest Austin arrival, The Retail Strategy curated and developed content to seed across our platforms to let locals know of the chain’s most recent grand opening.

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