Danielle Kuck

Real Estate Coordinator

Danielle joined The Retail Strategy in June of 2018 as a Marketing Research Specialist and is now serving our clients as a Real Estate Coordinator. Danielle brings an artistic touch to the retail expansion process while maintaining focus on client needs and moving deals forward. Danielle has a strong background in visual arts and aims to create beautiful, yet informative presentations while staying true to each brand The Retail Strategy works with. Danielle is the creative force behind the design and branding efforts for The Retail Strategy.

Before coming on board with TRS, she worked at Urbanstems – a flower delivery company - as an operations lead. Her dynamic role at Urbanstems accustomed her to wearing many different hats within the workplace.   She is currently finishing up her Associates Degree in Photography at ACC.

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.

- Mark Twain